Digital Storytelling

This activity involves 5 units. Unit 1 introduces the field of Computer Science and orients students to the Scratch programming environment. In Unit 2, students explore algorithms and sequences. Students learn by modifying an existing project before building their own project in Scratch. In Unit 3, students learn to use a variety of events to trigger scripts that resize sprites or cause a sprite to do or say something. In Unit 4, students learn by playing Scratch Charades to introduce the use of loops in block-based programming and then modify a project to animate a sprite by switching costumes or moving to the next costume along with repeated steps movement. In Unit 5, students choose a country and create a cartoon with a sprite that shares information about the culture of the chosen country. Students will incorporate the CT concepts of sequence, events, and loops.

Discipline: English Language Arts

Language: Scratch

Programming Concept:

Grades: 6th

Cultural Features:

External link: CT Act 1