This activity involves 12 lessons and 3 assessments. Each lesson takes 45–90 minutes approximately and have different lesson projects and learning goals. The lessons are designed to be implemented in the suggested sequential order. Action Fraction lessons can be divided into three categories: unplugged, skill-building, and culminating project. Major concepts are often introduced first in an unplugged activity, followed by several skill-building activities. Actions Fractions has an associated set of three grade-specific assessments that are designed to make visible students' developing CT competencies. Each assessment focuses on a set of CT knowledge and skills taught during the preceding lessons. Although some items on these assessments use a math context, their primary purpose is to help teachers interpret students' CT learning. In addition, each year's culminating project provides teachers another opportunity to assess students' CT by reflecting on the CT knowledge and skills that students demonstrated through building their project.

Discipline: Math

Language: Scratch

Programming Concept:

Grades: 3rd

Cultural Features:

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