This activity supports students in kindergarten and first grade with practice counting and adding as they use loops to help Laurel, the treasure hunter, collect gems across a maze grid. They use a series of coding commands to guide Laurel utilizing a “Repeat” block that requires them to count how many steps Laurel should take and then represent that number using the correct numeral within a block of code. The primary learning goal is to be able to break down a long sequence of instructions into repeatable sequences and to be able to count up to 10 and represent values with the correct numeral. The first problem will be completed as a class. Then students will try the next problem individually or with a partner. After that, students will be working on code individually. Students can also work in pairs.

Discipline: Math

Language: AppLab

Programming Concept:

Grades: K-1st

Cultural Features:

External link: Counting with Laurel